Brixton Glenville 250 X

The Glenville 250 X is not just a BX 125 with a larger engine, but rather a completely redesigned model, in an independent style featuring KOSO LED indicators in the handlebars, BRIXTON LED headlamps, LED tail light and side-mounted license plate bracket. Following the motto “Any direction. As long as it’s your own.”, Glenville 250 X owners can easily customise their machine to their personal taste, for example, with individually tailored wood inserts on the tank. Of course, the motorbike is a technically state-of-the-art model: The 250 cc twin-cylinder injection engine is manufactured in Japan, the rear shocks are adjustable, the front provides an upside-down suspension fork for low masses without suspension, and of course, the Glenville 250 X is offered exclusively with ABS from the very start.

More information coming soon