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Brixton Motorcycles - Breakfast Club
NEWS | 22 May 2019

Brixton meets The Breakfast Club

On our strolls and rides we meet interesting people. So this happened: We got to know this awesome bunch of young, cheerful and lovely ladies, and were amazed by their passion and love for motorcycles. This is why we decided to support them and start a fantastic project together.

Therefore, we want to introduce you to The Breakfast Club. Be assured that great things are coming up!

Who is the Breakfast Club?

The Break Fast Club is a club of women gathered around the passion for motorcycles. Whether it is about driving, racing, customizing or celebrating motorcycle festivals. A family founded over breakfasts and many rides since many years that Lill Bonne DeVille gathered under the name “Break Fast Club” in 2017. The club is now managed by her and 4 other female motors: Patricia, Liz, Susu and Jenna.

  • Lill is traveling around the world and never missing an opportunity to ride along. Pioneer on wheels, she is the founder of the BFC. Inspired by other groups of #womenwhoride, she set the foundation for many adventures to come.
  • Liz became a motorcycle enthusiast 3 years ago. Community, family and harmony are the core values of the young lady. In love with speed and curves, she is the big sister of the BFC, connecting passion and friendships on wheels.
  • Patricia started with dirt bike and off-road races, surrounded by a family of motorcyclists. She is an insatiable all-rounder between woods and asphalt with her old-timers, an outstanding R&D project manager in sport technology at the University of applied science in Vienna and the happy mum of a one-year-old boy.
  • Susu has evolved in the motorcycle world from a young age. Susu is not only working for a garden company, but is also the flower of the BFC, supporting women’s blossom in the motorcycle community and helping them find their own way and style
  • Jenna is fueled by gasoline blood and love for life. In 2017, she traveled on her motorcycle for 30 000km through Europe and then founded her atelier À-moto ( to combine her passion for motorcycle and art. Jenna is not only part of the BFC founder team but also a crew member of the Moto Circle Festival (
Brixton Motorcycles - Breakfast Club

The Break Fast Club stands for sharing, empowering, learning and leading change.

What the Breakfast Club stands for:

The Break Fast Club stands for sharing, empowering, learning and leading change. It is an open platform, where women can share their passion, and express themselves on topics specific to the motorcycle experience from a female perspective. The Break Fast Club aims to support women wishing to pass their motorcycle driving license and empower them in the motorcycle world through get-together and female representation at motorcycle events. It creates opportunities to discover, learn and train in different environments: ride on- and off-road, on race- and flat-track, repair and customize in a garage. Finally, the Break Fast Club is about changing mindsets regarding female riders and communicating needs of female riders as customers to diversify the offer and marketing of brands designing motorcycles and accessories.

How they make it happen:

The core actions at the Break Fast Club are to talk, ride & race, wrench and connect. Every month they get together over a breakfast in typical Viennese coffeehouses. They also organize ride outs and road trips to motorcycle events and locations in Austria and Central Europe, as well as off-road, flat- and race-track trainings. Because they are also eager to understand their machines, the BFC also started with screw-together sessions for motorcycles repair and customization. Last but not least they meet-up with female rider communities, moto brands and media worldwide.

Brixton Motorcycles - Breakfast Club

The core actions at the Break Fast Club are to talk, ride & race, wrench and connect.

Breakfast Club at THE ROKKER RACE 2019

At the end of June the “Club of Newchurch Motorcycle Festival” will take place again in the middle of the beautiful Austrian Alps. The highlight of this festival will be, as usual, the super-exciting Rokker Race, where crazy teams will ride their customized 125cc, air cooled motor bikes.

Brixton cannot miss out on this event and will provide the Breakfast Club with a Brixton 125cc Motorbike. The ladies will wrench together with Vagabund, one of Austria’s most popular customizing teams, paint and train hard for the race and Brixton will accompany the Breakfast Club on their journey from the original bike to an awesome Breakfast Club edition!

Follow our channels and stay tuned!

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