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Brixton Motorcycles - Breakfast Club
NEWS | 24 June 2019

Brixton meets The Breakfast Club: THE ROKKER RACE 2019

The preparation

The air-cooled 125 cm³ engines purr, the tyres run warm, the bikes are started. The weather holds, the rain clouds get stuck in the mountains. The sun comes through and heats up the asphalt.

The girls from the Breakfast Club greet the enthusiastic spectators of the Rokker Race 2019 in their pits next to the race track in a good mood and shine all over their freshly customized Brixton 125 X called “Audrey”. “She has become so beautiful – we didn’t know until the end whether our plan would work out at all. All the more reason for us to be happy that she has succeeded so well”, Liz and Lille say euphorically.

This year’s Rokker Race is all about the motto “Ride your Movie” – the teams are encouraged to rebuild and design their bikes and the box true to their favourite film. If you look into the box, you immediately know that the Breakfast Club motto will be the film classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The love lies in the details – coffee and croissant to go on the front of the bike, the artwork of the tank, which also shows the main actress of the film, and the box as the bedroom of Audrey Hepburn – where of course the turquoise sleep mask, the little black one and the pearl necklace should not be missing. And of course the red tomcat “Orangey” is also part of the party – even at the helmet of the racers!

Here we go. The visitors are asked to leave the pits – last High-Fives and Toitoitoi calls are handed out and the team members get ready in the pits. As team number 4, the girls are the only pure women’s team to start alongside the boys and girls from “Top Gun”, “Star Wars”, “Clockwork Orange” and “Baywatch”, among others, and will take 5th out of 8 starting places in the qualification round. The atmosphere on the racetrack is great – good vibes of the finest quality. One hears impressed comments about the converted vehicles and the top-motivated teams and cries of joy as soon as the favourite team whizzes by.

The Race – Day 1

The race is contested in 2 rounds on 2 days at 24 minutes each – after 12 minutes the driver change takes place – thus a total of 4 female racers go to the start.

After a brilliant start, the experienced team leader Lill Bonne DeVille hands the Brixton over to Jenna after the first 12 minutes. Jenna will drive the first round home as a fourth-placed team. There the two drivers are warmly welcomed by the cheering team mates – a Prosecco shower brings cooling and enormous atmosphere in the pit lane, where after the race friends and opponents continue to celebrate. The girls know: After the race is before the race and are already looking forward to the grand finale on Saturday.

The Race – Day 2

Rokker Race Day 2, the second and final round of the Rokker Race is on the agenda. The tribune is even fuller than the day before, the teams even more motivated. The atmosphere is boiling. Patricia and Carina are standing at the start warmed up and with a clear goal in front of their eyes: rock the track properly!

And that’s exactly what they do. They win tough fights with their opponents, choose the shortest line, take the corners particularly tightly and accelerate on the straights. And all this with an enthusiasm in the face that it is a huge joy to watch the girls fight! 24 minutes of pure engine sound and goose bumps.

The last minutes start, overtaking manoeuvres are fought out, the crowd rages and the teammates in the pits cheer on the racing queens on the track. The team “Hamburger Horde” is already announced as the winning team of the race – the moderator has lost the overview of the number of laps of the other teams in the meantime.

But the following positions have not yet been decided and are not quite clear even after the cheering flag has been waved and the drivers have reached the finish line. Not only the position in the race will be evaluated, but also the appearance of the teams including the pit design. As the only team without a crash, the girls from the Breakfast Club happily bring their “Audrey” across the finish line and are enthusiastically cheered by the audience. They love their Prosecco shower and celebrate until the final announcement of the result in the pit lane.

The award ceremony

In the evening, the teams and hundreds of motorcyclying enthusiasts gather in the village in front of the Nolan Main Stage and eagerly await the award ceremony. The cool girls are now a bit nervous and speculate about their place in the overall standings. The award ceremony starts.

The teams are invited on stage and presented once again to the crowd. The places 8 to 6 will be awarded, the girls from the Breakfast Club are, as already calculated, not included. They also leave place 5 behind – the tension increases, the pulse becomes faster. Place 4 is announced – it is not the Breakfast Club! That means a podium place for the women’s team! The girls are crazy! And there is already the 3rd place announced, now it is official – Liz, Lill, Patricia, Susu, Jenna, Josi and Carina can be happy about the breathtaking third place! The joy is huge and the team around the beautiful Audrey can be celebrated properly. The moment when the efforts and struggles of the last weeks pay off…

We, Brixton Motorcycles, congratulate the Breakfast Club from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for your dedication and passion. Keep it up!

Audrey and The Breakfast Club will of course be on the road during the summer – keep an eye out for them, maybe you’ll discover them on your way out!

Stay tuned.