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Brixton Rider of the month: Luca
NEWS | 24 February 2021

Rider of the month: Luca

My name is Luca. I’m 24 years old and live in Dornbirn, Austria, which is close to the beautiful Lake Constance. I work as a paramedic at the Red Cross, which is truly my vocation. Every day is an adventure with new challenges, difficult cases, hard work and interesting facts – I really love my job. In my spare time, I try to find a good balance for my daily routine so I spend most of my time outside – even if it’s cold as ice. Since I got my Brixton, I ride for about two to three hours every day. Sometimes, me and my friends make little road trips – there’s nothing more relaxing than having your bike, being with people you love and going on some crazy adventure. And at the end of the day, I share my experiences on Instagram because I want to show others what freedom feels like.

  1. In one word, why do you ride a motorcycle?


  1. How did you first become a biker?

It’s a funny story. One day, a friend of mine showed me his Brixton and asked if I’d like a test ride. Until then, I’d never sat on a bike before. I was really nervous, but he explained everything and showed me what to do. It was then I took my first ride on a Brixton. I immediately fell in love so I bought the bike from him and got my license. Now, every time I sit on my bike I instantly feel the freedom it brings. I start the engine and know that I’m the king of the street, with the whole world at my feet.

  1. What was it about Brixton Motorcycles that got your attention?

This cool retro style with modern accents, but simple technology. It’s an eye catcher, it really gets everybody’s attention, especially with their presence on social media. There’s so much you get for your money. Brixton not only sells motorcycles, they sell a special lifestyle that attracts mostly young people – it’s a different way of riding a bike.

  1. What Brixton are you riding? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I’m riding a Cromwell 125, which I think is the coolest of all – at least for me. After half a year I gave it a name – ‘El Poderoso’, which means ‘The Powerful’ in Spanish. I was inspired by another Brixton rider and I think it sounds pretty good, because even though it’s a small bike, I can go anywhere I want no matter how hard the trails are. I also changed a few details, for example the headlight blending, and I attached side bags to carry my equipment on long rides. But overall, I think my favourite thing is the simplicity of riding – just cruisin’ around.

Brixton Rider of the month: Luca

I don’t really plan my trips, I just sit on my bike and drive towards the sunset.

  1. How long have you been riding for?

2020 was my first season and it was a long, thrilling one. I have around 5000km of adventures and great stories behind me, with many beautiful experiences.

  1. Other than riding, what do you love doing?

My second passion is photography – I take my equipment everywhere. I photo everything from my bike and friends to nature and architecture. I often drive in any direction, look where I end up and enjoy the views.

7. What’s the craziest ride you’ve been on? Where do you plan on going next?

One day, I spontaneously decided to take a “little” road trip. I thought it would be a small one-day tour, but it ended up in 600km of wonderful sights, natural highlights and breathtaking photos. I drove over mountain passes, around lakes, and through beautiful small cities. It was a three-day tour full of adventures – I had no specific destination – I just drove further and further. I don’t really plan my trips, I just sit on my bike and drive towards the sunset. No matter if it’s a short ride or long road trip.

  1. The furthest from home you’ve ever been on your Brixton?

The furthest I drove was a small town near the Zugspitze in Tyrol, which is around 200km away from my hometown. But I didn’t choose the direct way – I drove through more than 50 towns, over several mountains and past many different sights, the kind that invite a biker to stop and enjoy the view.

  1. The most beautiful place you’ve been on your Brixton?

I’ve seen many beautiful places on my tours. It would be wrong to choose one of them because every spot is beautiful in its own way. You’ll find the most beautiful places where you’re not looking for them. Like when I rode to Blindsee in Tyrol, the way to the lake was stunning. It was a small, narrow gravel road with almost no traffic, through woods with a view of the lake. I rode over a mountain pass and discovered a small lake, it was deep blue with little green spots, and so clear that you could see the ground. At the end of the road was the beautiful Blindsee, with its breathtaking view over the mountains, wonderful beach and clear water. I’ll always remember these moments.

  1. Would you rather ride on ocean roads or mountain passes?

Definitely the mountains. It’s so powerful, you can always find some small trails beside the road to explore and see where they take you. It’s a challenge to get to the furthest spots on a trail.

  1. The best place to run out of gas?

I’ve never ran out of gas, yet. Even on my big road trip I only had to refill the tank once. But if this happens someday, I hope it’s on a lonely road near a lake – because then you can enjoy the view a little longer on the way as you push your bike back to civilisation.



Fotky: Luca

Lucasov Motocykel: Cromwell 125

Sledujte Lucu na Instagrame: @luca.obermair


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