NEWS | 10th October 2018

BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES is launching two models in the quarter-litre class

Glanville 250 X

The Glanville 250 X  was shown for the first time at the EICMA 2017 and is now ready for series production. This is a completely redesigned model, with KOSO LED indicators in the handlebars, LED headlamps in BRIXTON design, an LED rear light and a side mounted licence plate holder, boasting its own style. Following the motto “Any direction. As long as it’s your own”, BX 250 owners can easily customise their machine to their personal taste, for example, with individually tailored wood inserts on the tank.

glanville new

Of course, the Glanville 250 X is a technically state-of-the-art model: The 250 cc one-cylinder injection engine is manufactured in Japan, the rear shocks are adjustable, the front provides an upside-down suspension fork for low masses without suspension, and the Glanville 250 X will, of course, be offered exclusively with ABS from the very start.

But as we all know, tastes are different. While the modern lines of the Glanville 250 X caused an immediate storm of enthusiasm among some, others expressed their regret that there were no 250 models with the BX 125 design.

Saxby 250

We have acted on this often heard customer request and have presented a second model in the quarter-litre class at the Intermot 2018: Saxby 250.

Saxby 250 X

It combines the classic design of the BX 125 with the 250 cc Glanville 250 X engine. With LED daytime running lights and LED indicators, digital speedometer and EFI, it is, of course, just as technically modern as its angular sibling.

Both 250 cc models are expected to be available as of spring 2019