NEWS | 24th June 2019

Around the World: from Malaysia to Thailand

On our strolls and rides we meet interesting people all over the world. This time we found Alaa, a young man from Malaysia.

Alaa went on a 10 days roadtrip with his Brixton Motorcycle.

This is his story:

This is Alaa, living and working in Penang, Malaysia. I am riding a Brixton BX 150 X,  and recently i went on a solo road trip from Penang, Malaysia to Phuket, Thailand.

Generally, I love to travel to experience new things and visit different places, but this time I was looking for something challenging and new, and I thought about this solo road trip, only me, the Brixton scrambler and the road for 10 days.

10 days: 18th May – 27th May.

Total riding distance: About 1650 Km


  • Penang – Hat Yai
  • Hat Yai – Krabi
  • Krabi – Phuket
  • and return the same route.

Roads and weather:

  • Highways, Mountain roads, Off road, City and small towns
  • Rainy and Sunny weather
  • Always hot

The best part of this route was the mountain road, riding almost between the clouds and enjoying the nature and the road turns.


Penang – Hat Yai

It was the first part of the long trip, at 7am, after preparing my bag with what I need for the trip, I was still thinking if I will make it or not, a solo road trip from Penang Malaysia to Phuket Thailand!, I don’t speak the language, I don’t know the roads, its the rainy season, I have nobody to help me if I got any mechanical problem but I wanted to try and know by myself. The road from Penang to Hat Yai was very beautiful, flat with a beautiful landscape of the paddy field and some hills in the horizon. with average speed of 85km/hr the trip took almost 5hrs, including the boarders and many stops to see some scenery and eat, then I arrived to Hat Yai City where I spent my first night.

Hat Yai – Krabi

After the first day, I was more  comfortable and feeling like I already passed a good stage.  I was a bit tired but excited to continue. After having breakfast in Hat Yai market I started my trip to Krabi. It was the longest part of my trip, started with a very long highway, and on both sides with trees and some old abandoned petrol stations and some small towns. The weather was hot, but sometimes it was raining heavily which was a very nice feeling. The best part of this route was the mountain road, riding almost between the clouds and enjoying the nature and the road turns.

I have arrived at Krabi at sunset after almost 6hrs. I spent 3 days in Krabi going for some activities like mountain climbing, riding in off-roads , and going to the beach. I was exhausted but the feeling was awesome to know that I could make it that far.

Krabi – Phuket

Relatively this was the shortest ride. After 3 days in Krabi, I hit the road again to go to Phuket Island. It was a 3hrs ride, passing by small villages and some hills, after the two long rides this one was easier, and I could enjoy the road more. I arrived to Phuket where i spent 4 days before starting my trip back to Penang taking the same route.


At the end, for me this trip was a great way to feel the Freedom and Challenge.

Motorcycle: BX 125 X / 150 X (150 X only available in Asia)


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