NEWS | 6th November 2018


Three years ago, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES was presented for the first time at the EICMA international motorcycle trade show in Milan. What followed was an unprecedented worldwide run of success. In almost all countries where they are sold and distributed, the classically-styled BX 125 models are among the bestsellers in the 125 cc gear-switched motorcycle segment. In addition to the most important European markets, countries such as Korea, Peru and Vietnam are also among the countries where the motorcycles are sold and distributed.

Rapid development

At Intermot 2018 in Cologne at the beginning of October, we presented the production-ready 250 cc models of Glanville 250 X and Saxby 250. BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES is now demonstrating at EICMA that it is maintaining its high pace in the development of new models and the expansion of its model range.

Rapid development

>BX 500 Concept

The new Visual Product Language is already clearly recognisable even though the two vehicles shown are still concept bikes. The new and unique tank created by the BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES designers is particularly striking, with the striking “X” in the brand name and logo also depicted in three dimensions. The straight seat line is also one of the characteristics of the new BRIXTON models.

We uses full LEDs for the headlamps and we have spared no expense or effort in developing a unique headlamp that is clearly aligned with the brand’s DNA. Of course, LEDs are also used for the indicators as usual. The display is based on LCD-VA (Vertical Alignment) technology, which enables back-lighting and thus optimum visibility in all lighting conditions.

BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES also goes its own way as far as the engine is concerned. The in-line two cylinder engine with 486 cc capacity, 8 valves and two overhead camshafts was developed by an experienced engine designer especially for us. The result of 24 months of development work, on which up to 20 engineers were working simultaneously, is definitely impressive. Our engine has proven its stability in extensive test bench tests and tens of thousands of test kilometres. Although it will still take a little time until the final homologation, BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES would definitely like to make full use of the 35 kW limit of the L3e-A2 registration class and thus the A2 driving licence class (from 18 years of age).

Exciting prospects

At the same time we want to announce that we keep up the pace. Until EICMA 2019, we will present series-ready 500 cc vehicles, which will then be available for order from this date and from the dealers from the end of 2019. The aim of BRIXTON MOTORCYCLES is to make the 500 series into the three most popular gear-change motorcycles in the L3e-A2 class in the most important core markets by 2020. However, before that we would like to present another concept bike at the EICMA 2019, about which nothing will be revealed as yet…