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Rider of the Month Sidney's Brixton Cromwell 125 in Timberwolf Grey parked in front of a brick building
NEWS | 29 October 2021

Rider of the month: Sidney

“My name is Sidney. I’m 34 and I live near Frankfurt in Germany. I work as a graphic designer and signmaker. My hobbies are skateboarding, football, and recently motorcycle riding. Since I come from the skateboard scene, I naturally look for photo spots and I want to transfer that to my new motorcycle hobby. No matter where I go, I always end up looking for beautiful panoramic backdrops to put on my “BRXTN” insta story highlights.“

1. In one word, why do you ride a motorcycle?


2. What was it about Brixton Motorcycles that got your attention?

The old school look and the value for money.

3. What Brixton are you riding? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I ride a Brixton Cromwell. Old scramblers, café-racers and choppers have always appealed to me and that model is a good mix of all those. The bike looks vintage, but it has reliable technology that has never given me any problems. It’s also a good basis for change. I‘ve already customised the rear and there’s plenty more to come.

4. How long have you been riding for?

14 months.

5. How did you get into motorcycles?

In my youth I was influenced by skateboarding and rock music. I‘ve also always enjoyed working on old bicycles, so the dream of a motorcycle was never far away. In the last few years I’ve had a lot of stress at work and never really had much free time. When Covid arrived, I could take my time. This is when a discounted motorcycle driving license for experienced car-drivers was introduced in Germany. So one thing led to another and I got into my new hobby.

6. What’s the craziest ride you’ve been on? Where do you plan on going next?

I‘m a skateboarder and I have an eye for photo spots. I drive to local quarries, forests and nature reserves to showcase my motorcycle and enjoy nature. This has resulted in a unique photo hobby, which I cultivate in my Instagram highlights.

7. The furthest from home you’ve ever been on your Brixton?

I intentionally drive streets that one would usually avoid in their daily routine with the car. Long biketours with the GPS are not my thing. The motorcycle shows me the beauty of my homeland and with unplanned journeys, it takes me to places that I have never seen before. This can be hours at a time which clears my mind.

8. The most beautiful place you’ve been on your Brixton?

A lake in the middle of a forest, just 10 minutes from home. A place found by accident that I didn‘t know before.

9. Would you rather ride on ocean roads or mountain passes?

I roam forests, dusty country lanes or lonesome roads. Unfortunately, we have no sea here and nomountain passes either – but if I could, I would prefer the sea.

10. Tell me about your Brixton project?

If someone wonders why I’m constantly posting bike pictures in the same position on my story, they are welcome to take a look at my “BRXTN” story highlights. Since my first day with the bike, I’ve been trying to keep up a little hobby/ art project with click-through images. Since I come from the skateboard scene, I naturally look for photo spots. I wanted to transfer that to my new hobby and no matter where I go, I always end up looking for beautiful panoramic backdrops. In addition, the motorcycle is a small custom project in which the photos are intended to chronologically document the conversion developments.

11. The best place to run out of gas?

Probably a gas station or my garage 😉

Photos: Mina Jung Photo

Sidneys Motorcycle: Cromwell 125

Follow Sidney on Instagram: @sidneyzizou


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