NEWS | 13th June 2019

Brixton meets The Break Fast Club: Wrench and Cushion

Before the Break Fast Club could start with the customizing, we all agreed on the following basic conditions: no modification of the engine, keeping the road permission or quick dismantling, no new typification. The first brainstorming went in different directions, but again and again the ladies came to the point where they had to realize that the bike as it is in its original condition, is already a fine and stylish part. So why bend and break for the love of customizing to change the look as much as possible. Why not emphasize and underline the good even more. Therefore the decision was made to keep the Brixton BX 125X conversion minimalistic and noble towards the scrambler/flat tracker.

After a few hours of conception, the Break Fast Club started to screw and drill, hammered, sawed and flex wildly. Cleared of all dispensable attachments, they not only included the film motto for the Rokkerrace at the Club of Newchurch, but also the spirit of the Break Fast Club. The final reconstruction shows that the Viennese breakfast is important to them. Details of the start number plate can be found in the accents of the tank and the seat. The BFC #1 Audrey is now not only ready to race it is above all ready to enjoy riding to the full.