NEWS | 3rd June 2019

Miss Josefine

Every month we want to tell a story about you, our riders.

For this month it’s a rider from Austria, Miss Josefine

My greatest passion are two wheels – motorized and not motorized. Since I can think, I have been cycling extensively and somehow cars are not my thing, so motorcycles were probably obvious.

But what I love most about motorcycling is the community, which can’t be compared to any other hobby. I found the Break Fast Club through motorcycling, a group of inspiring and great women and meanwhile friends. We strengthen each other and just have fun. I’m always looking for the next adventure, so this summer I’ll be touring Europe with my motorcycle, tent and camera for a month and a half. Always excited about what life has to offer.

Why did you choose a Brixton?

I had been looking for a suitable motorcycle for the city and occasional trips for quite some time. But I have demands: it should be stylish, elegant and cool at the same time, adventurous and yet reliable. I’m also relatively small, so I can’t or don’t want to ride every bike. And last but not least it had to fit into my budget. In search of the ideal partner, I worked my way through the various motorcycle shops in the area and one day it was there: the moment of love at first sight. In the middle of a chaotic and loving motorcycle shop she stood on a small pedestal in front of a brick wall. My Brixton 125 BX R. I immediately liked the Café-Racer look. After sleepless nights, when I always had to think of her, it was clear that she would be mine. Now I’ve been driving my Brixton for a year and I’m just happy. The perfect partnership, if you ask me.


But what I love most about motorcycling is the community, which can’t be compared to any other hobby.


What do you like most about the bike?

I especially love the look of my Brixton 125 BX R. It just looks gorgeous. I’m often asked about the bike and then yell all over the road about what kind of bike it is and where I got it from. As I am a designer and a motorcycle enthusiast, I also have ideas for the future how to customize them even more according to my style. I also love the flexibility of the design, so I often take off the rear cover to take my friend with me. People are often amazed, but I think it’s funny. Even with 12 HP you can go anywhere and have a lot of fun.

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Photos by: Miss Josefine

Follow Miss Josefine on Instagram: @frl.josefine

Motorcycle: BX 125 R


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