NEWS | 4th April 2019

Rider of the Month: Stephan Fouquaert

Every month we want to introduce one of you, our riders.

For this month it’s a rider from Belgium, Stephan Fouquaert

I consider myself  a lucky new old rider. People say that driving a bike is like a virus, and once you are infected it stays with you for the rest of your life. I stopped riding bikes in the early 1980’s, yet the desire to ride the streets of Belgium was latent present. Until that one moment, when I discovered the Brixton 125 cafe racer. That was it, something I needed to get, something to get me back on the streets with a smile. And, that is why you might see me cruising the streets of Belgium with my Brixton Cafe Racer, as if i was 22 all-over again.

Why did you choose a Brixton?

As most  individuals, I wanted to be unique, stick out in the crowd ( I guess like most of us.). If I was to ride a bike again, it had to be special, different,  adventure, fun and most of all the bike had to have charisma and style. For me, the Brixton Cafe Racer has it all. It is what I call the best balance between cost, style and quality that one can find. I got so much bike and pleasure for so little money. I was not looking for a high performance bike, nor aggressiveness  nor speed. I wanted something that was kind, adventures ,mild, forgiven, youthful, retro and  emitted forcefulness. A bike that makes people wonder and walk over to have a closer look. And, that my friends is what I found in the Brixton Cafe Racer, that is why it became mine. Enjoying it every day.

Driving a bike is like a virus, and once you are infected it stays with you for the rest of your life.


What do you like most about the bike?

If you ask me what I like about the bike , then the answer is everything.  Its build, the model and style, the sound of the engine, its simplicity , its spirit and ease of use and riding. A true pleasure to cruise along.   As they say you are never to young or  old to drive the Brixton adventure.  It sure made me 22 again.


Photos by: Stephan Fouquaert

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Motorcycle: BX 125 R


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