NEWS | 13th February 2019

Rider of the Month: They and Brixton

Every month we want to feature one of you, our riders.

For this month it’s a couple from Portugal: They and Brixton

We are a young couple, from Portugal, who hope to go around the world with a little bike that is called “Lés”.

The name of the bike comes from the fact that we make many trips through our country, traveling from one end to the other, which in Portuguese is equal to “Lés-a-Lés”.

Why did you choose a Brixton?

The choice for Brixton Motorcycles was easy, first of all it is a new brand, with new designer and spirit, different from what we see on a normal bike. Then, in the process of choosing, we went to a retail store in our small city, Coimbra, in Portugal, and fell in love immediately. We researched about it and found that the level of mechanics was the best made in the market, with better quality and safety. In addition to being a scrambler, it was voilá! So the three of us make our way with adventure, fun and passion! Like the spirit of our bike brixton! “Any Direction. As long as it’s your own.”


When looking at the bike it gives you a feeling of adventure and fun that makes us smile


What do you like most about the bike?

When looking at the bike it gives you an adventure and fun feeling that makes us smile, and we think this is what we like the most on the bike. In addition, other aspects such as color, lines and desgin were factors for us to love the bike so much.

Sometimes we are driving and people staring and enjoy the bike, this also makes us have a big smile!


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Motorcycle: BX 125 X


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