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How to: winterproof your Brixton motorcycle
NEWS | 15 November 2022

How to: Winterproof your motorcycle

For some people, there is no winter break. They ride their motorcycle throughout the year because they depend on the bike or because they just don’t want to be without their motorcycle for that long. At Brixton Motorcycles we understand that of course, and besides, the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad weather, there’s just bad gear.” also applies to motorcycling. For the rest of you – those without winter overalls, those without heated grips, those who didn’t know that winter tyres are also available for motorbikes – we’ve written this short guide to help you send your Brixton into winter hibernation with a clear conscience.


1. Fill up & increase tyre pressure

The best place to start is at the petrol station, where you first fill up your motorbike so that the metal tank cannot rust. You can also increase the tyre pressure by approximately 0.5 bar at the petrol station, so that your tyres do not go flat during the long standstill period. If your motorbike will be standing still for more than a few weeks, additives to stabilise the petrol are recommended. It is best to choose a higher-quality product – after all, the injection and the engine of your Brixton are at stake here.


2. Oil change

An oil change is best done before winter is coming. During the idle period, aggressive substances in old oil may attack your engine and accumulate. Having just come from the petrol station, the engine may still be hot – let it cool down a little until it is just warm so you can drain the oil without burning yourself. Check the owner’s manual of your Brixton to find out how to change the oil for your specific Brixton model.


3. Clean drive chain

A drive chain should never be dry. Regular lubrication is the most important thing. Before the winter rest, you should also give the chain a thorough cleaning. If you clean the drive chain regularly, you will extend its service life considerably and it will also be good for your wallet. Before you start with the chain, you should first clean the places where the most dirt has accumulated, because it’s infrequently cleaned – we recommend looking behind the sprocket cover! Then clean the chain itself. It is up to you which cleaner you choose – the important thing is that you use an appropriate chain cleaning brush.


4. Clean motorbike

Before you lubricate the clean drive chain again, you should first clean the whole motorbike. The cleaning process before winter is the most thorough one of the year, so you also clean places that you would normally not clean in summer, e.g. under the tank, the seat, the rims, etc. Afterwards wipe your bike dry again.


5. Bike preservation

Now that your Brixton is clean and completely dry it’s time for preservation. There are different preservatives for the different parts of your motorcycle. It is best to go to a specialist shop for advice on which care products you should use. A hard wax preservative is usually used for all painted parts. For the engine, exhaust, chassis, frame and other metal parts, use an anti-corrosion spray. Grease all moving parts and levers. Finally, lubricate the drive chain thoroughly and stuff an oily rag into the exhaust to prevent moisture from getting in. Last but not least, if you have room for the seat in your home, it’s best to take it inside for the winter – leather, vinyl and foam are all materials that are affected by cold and changing weather conditions.


6. Remove battery

It is a misconception that batteries like it warm. Batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place – usually the garage. How to handle the battery in detail depends on the type of battery. Check the owner’s manual to find out which battery is installed in your Brixton motorcycle.


7. Cover your bike

If you store your motorbike in a garage, you can use an air-permeable indoor cover. An old sheet or similar will also do. If your Brixton has to spend the cold season outside, you will need a weatherproof, breathable tarpaulin.


And that’s it. These seven steps will get your Brixton through the winter safe and sound. So all you have to do in the cold season is look forward to spring and your first ride.