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Brixton Motorcycle's Rider of the Month: Jérémy
NEWS | 15 December 2022

Rider of the Month: Jérémy

“I’m Jérémy, I’m 37 years old. I’m half French, half Hungarian and I live in Hamburg, Germany. It’s funny, since I started riding, I’ve also gotten back into writing, filming, and photographing again. Finally, I’ve returned to being creative for myself. What a  blessing!”


1. In one word, why do you ride a motorcycle?


2. What was it about Brixton Motorcycles that got your attention?
Honestly, I didn’t know the brand at all until this year. But that doesn’t mean much, as I’m a novice. Last January, I wanted to practise and improve my riding so I could get my license. While waiting for the weather to improve, I decided to go to Fuerte Ventura for a week to practise. In Spain, you can ride 125cc bikes with a B-license, so I looked to rent one.

There was only one rental service in El Cotillo that offered off-road bikes – two Brixton Felsberg 125 XC. Amazed by the design, I immediately booked one! It’s funny because a guy I met on my travels saw me with it and booked the other one the next day.

Due to work, I only managed one road trip that week. But it was amazing, I really recommend the island! It also made me understand the true meaning of “freezing”. Victim of my poor time management, I ended up riding for two hours in the middle of the night. I lay on the gas tank to warm myself. It took a long hot shower for me to stop shaking, but what an experience! Anyway, I will always associate that bike with the discovery of this new passion. Thanks for that! ☺


3. How has riding and your Brixton changed your life?
For the past 10 years, I’ve prioritised the people I love and my work. But last year, stuck in a difficult relationship, I realised I didn’t have my own passion to go back to, when everything else falls apart. So I got my motorcycle license. It’s funny because since I started riding, I also got back into writing, filming, and photography. I’m finally, being creative for myself. What a blessing! ☺


4. What Brixton are you riding? What’s your favourite thing about it?
I’m riding a Brixton Crossfire 500 X. I rented the Crossfire 500 in France for a week, and I really enjoyed it, but I prefer the look of mine. I love the design. The size and proportions are perfect for me. My favourite thing is the sound of the engine. It’s most noticeable when I’m crossing a small village, riding at 30-40 km/h. My love for that sound is indescribable. Nothing calms me more. It’s also the first time I’ve named a vehicle. She’s called “Bree”. I’m not superstitious, but she could ruin my life if she stops working at the wrong moment. Like a normal relationship, I guess. ☺


5. How long have you been riding for?
I started as a 14-year-old on a scooter. That gave me a feel for speed and balance, but it’s nothing compared to a motorcycle. I got my A-license last May. It feels like a lifetime ago. I guess it was meant to be.


6. What’s the craziest ride you’ve been on? Where do you plan on going next?
I’m on it right now! A few weeks ago, I packed my bags with no plan. I travel a lot, but I’ve only had eight days off work in two years. This year, I worked even more and saved up for a two to three month trip with Bree. I’ll spare you the details, but two weeks before my planned departure I had no more savings. Everything I had worked for was gone. It taught me that life plans are important, but don’t forget to live.

It took eight weeks of working 24/7 to fix it, but here I am! Thankfully, I bought some gear before going broke, but I had no time for testing it. A best friend came to help me pack and say goodbye. He asked if I was out of my mind. Maybe… But I had to go! It was the best decision ever. Much did go wrong, but that only made the adventure more beautiful.

I met many people on this trip, who wondered whether I’m crazy for riding across Europe with no experience. Each person has motivated me. They told me they’re amazed by my story and that I should write about it. I hope I have time between riding and working to edit the videos I’ve taken. But I’m glad to hear my adventure inspires others.


7. What’s the furthest from home you’ve ever been on your Brixton?
Where I am now. I’m staying at one of my clients, not far from the Spanish border. ☺


8. The most beautiful place you’ve been on your Brixton?
It’s difficult to answer. I’ve seen so many unbelievable places. I think that the most beautiful village I’ve seen so far was Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. It looks like it’s from “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.


9. Would you rather ride on ocean roads or mountain passes?
It depends on the day I guess. But I recommend the south of France, because you can enjoy both in a day.


10. The best place to run out of gas?
I ran out days ago due to strikes in France. I was in the middle of nowhere with almost no cover or phone battery left. After a four hour wait, my saviour arrived – my 70-year-old father with the fuel of his lawnmower. I told him not to come, because his sight is impaired, but he ignored me and even brought reinforcements: my mother! That was courageous of him. I’m so grateful to have them. Because my house was too far away to drive back to I had to continue riding in the cold dark, so I spent the next four hours driving through the rainy mountains. Occasionally, wild boar families would show up on tight bends. I had to take a break afterwards to relax my muscles and check I was still alive!

Also, a big thanks to the hotel personal, who, instead of leaving at 10 pm, waited until 3 am for my arrival. The best place to run out of gas next time? How about another country?

Photos: Jérémy


Jérémy’s motorcycle: Brixton Crossfire 500 X


Follow Jérémy on Instagram: @majeek_rides


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